Sunday, October 25, 2009

bucket list.

sometimes i dream too small, sometimes i dream too big (if such a thing is possible)

but heres some things (in no particular order) i want to do with this life ive been given.
the things in bold are things ive already accomplished.

-scuba dive.
-write a book.
-maybe one day not be such a horrible cook. maybe even be half as good of a cook as my nana is.
-have ALOT of kids.
-catch a snowflake on my tongue.
-catch a foul at a pro baseball game.
-send a message in a bottle.
-get a tattoo.
-study my family tree.
-drink coffee in seattle.
-see a broadway musical.
-work at an orphanage.
-go shopping in Paris.
-ride an elephant.
-make a friend completely different from me.
-take a walk through central park.
-go on a safari.
-get proposed to at Disneyland.
-road trip across the country.
-hike the grand canyon.
-go to Spain.
-kiss in the pouring rain.
-own a small house filled with lots of love, a big yard, a hammock, and a big tree.
-ride horses on the beach.
-play a baseball game under street lights.
-take a nap on the beach.
-have a white christmas.
-ride in a hot air balloon.
-live in venice, california.
-make the guards in London with the funny hats laugh.
-water ski.
-fall in love.
-go to Forks, Washington (what am i 12? yes, yes i am.)
-swim with dolphins.
-dance in the rain. 
-get married.
-make a snow angel.
-help build a house.
-have a lemonade stand.
-learn everything there is to know about dinosaurs.
-visit all the disney parks around the world.
-learn to knit.
-give more than i have.
-meet the president.
-start a dance party on a busy street.
-grow old with the love of my life.
-love until it hurts, tell people how much they mean to me, fall even more in love with Jesus, and do everything i can to show people that the God of the universe is passionately in love with them.
-oh, and live each and every day with this much joy and enthusiasm.....


Monday, October 12, 2009


this week is weird. its only monday, but its already a weird week. 

nonetheless my last weekend was spent at home...

(shout out to paige westberg and her sick nasty photography skills)

I cant help but thank Jesus everyday for this place. :)

and i also cant help but thank Jesus for the things he has been doing in my life and heart lately. but even in all of the amazing things he is doing i still find myself with more questions than ever. questions that he has yet to answer. usually i would be going crazy trying to figure everything out but for some reason his silence is just what i need right now. i find peace in the silence. its like sitting at a lake in the early hours of the morning and watching the stillness of the water. its comforting. :) so even when i dont know whats going on with my life and my heart all i can say is "im in" whatever happens, wherever he takes me "im in".

also brandon heaths "breaking away" go listen to it 52 times.