Sunday, October 25, 2009

bucket list.

sometimes i dream too small, sometimes i dream too big (if such a thing is possible)

but heres some things (in no particular order) i want to do with this life ive been given.
the things in bold are things ive already accomplished.

-scuba dive.
-write a book.
-maybe one day not be such a horrible cook. maybe even be half as good of a cook as my nana is.
-have ALOT of kids.
-catch a snowflake on my tongue.
-catch a foul at a pro baseball game.
-send a message in a bottle.
-get a tattoo.
-study my family tree.
-drink coffee in seattle.
-see a broadway musical.
-work at an orphanage.
-go shopping in Paris.
-ride an elephant.
-make a friend completely different from me.
-take a walk through central park.
-go on a safari.
-get proposed to at Disneyland.
-road trip across the country.
-hike the grand canyon.
-go to Spain.
-kiss in the pouring rain.
-own a small house filled with lots of love, a big yard, a hammock, and a big tree.
-ride horses on the beach.
-play a baseball game under street lights.
-take a nap on the beach.
-have a white christmas.
-ride in a hot air balloon.
-live in venice, california.
-make the guards in London with the funny hats laugh.
-water ski.
-fall in love.
-go to Forks, Washington (what am i 12? yes, yes i am.)
-swim with dolphins.
-dance in the rain. 
-get married.
-make a snow angel.
-help build a house.
-have a lemonade stand.
-learn everything there is to know about dinosaurs.
-visit all the disney parks around the world.
-learn to knit.
-give more than i have.
-meet the president.
-start a dance party on a busy street.
-grow old with the love of my life.
-love until it hurts, tell people how much they mean to me, fall even more in love with Jesus, and do everything i can to show people that the God of the universe is passionately in love with them.
-oh, and live each and every day with this much joy and enthusiasm.....


1 comment:

  1. i love you. :)

    you know...there are a few things on your list we could do together. travel. skydive. hike the grand canyon. go to Forks and Seattle.

    all i'm saying is...we've got some plans to incorporate. you in? you got my back?