Thursday, December 10, 2009

dashing december.

i live the majority of my life at lost canyon and i wouldnt want it any other way... 
Dear Jesus, I dont know why you would want to let me be a part of your work but thank you. thank you for giving me a front row seat as i watch hearts be transformed, thank you that while i strive to show them who you are they do the same for me without even realizing it, thank you that you are absolutely in love with these darling girls and thank you for giving me a breath taking glimpse of eternity as i sat on that warm cabin floor while each of them announced that they were in love with you too.

little brother you are a potty mouth, smelly, gross, bratty little blessing.

team jacob..... were passionate.

im not wordy and inspirational but things i read are. my favorite quotes of lately:

"I want to keep walking away from the person I was a moment ago, because a mind was made to figure things out, not to read the same page recurrently."
-Donald Miller

"I do not believe a person can take two issues from Scripture, those being abortion and gay marriage, and adhere to them as sins, then neglect much of the rest and call himself a fundamentalist or even a conservative. The person who believes the sum of his morality involves gay marriage and abortion alone, and neglects health care and world trade and the environment and loving his neighbor and feeding the poor is, by definition, a theological liberal, because he takes what he wants from Scripture and ignores the rest." 
-Donald Miller

"And I think thats what our world is desperately in need of- lovers, people who are building deep, genuine relationships with fellow strugglers along the way, and who actually know the faces of the people behind the issues they are concerned about."
-Shane Claiborne 

thats all for now. 
love. love. love. love. love. love.

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