Wednesday, March 3, 2010

March madness.

I love winter... its my favorite. I love the clothes and the weather and the peppermint coffee. However, this year I am ready for spring and summer, really excited actually. Even though in Phoenix we don't really have a spring. We kinda just go straight to summer and 100 degree weather. But we still get the idea of spring. The idea of sunshine and adventures and the feeling of running through fields of flowers. Anyway, point is i don't have a point but I am so excited for these next few months. Especially this month and here is just a couple of reasons why:

Friday night is all Arizona YoungLife club. I look forward to this every year. The first one I went to was when I was still a club kid. This year is also a tail gate bbq before and a Brandon Heath concert after.

On the 13th this girl.....
will be in town. I can't wait cause i miss this slut (loving term between us, I promise). Freaking Alabama taking her away from me. And us bridesmaids are gonna throw her the sickest bridal shower there ever was.

Then that night at midnight we are going out for my best friend in the whole wide worlds 21st birthday...
It is definitely going to be a fun night/week/month/year/life. We have waited to be 21 together since the day we realized we were best friend soul mates.
Why are we best friends you ask? Well we have been making a list of reasons why since we have been friends and we are probably somewhere around reason number 21875629385 at this point... here's reason number 78... we both feel this way about the morning time.....

britney isn't the only one with a March birthday. Shout out to: my cousin Tara, my tata, my nana, my daddy, Melissa, and My tio just to name a few.

The thing I'm most excited about this month is definitely my first ever VEGAS experience. The closest I have ever been to Vegas was when my dad went for a business trip when I was 5 and brought me back a shirt from the circus there.

Were staying at New York, New York.

"Seriously, I don't care what happens. I don't care if we kill someone.."
"You heard me... its sin city" :)

And then possibly ending up here for a women's retreat to end this beeyouteeful month...

Anyway, this is what my life looks like lately:

(they're so presh, haha)
(its sad, really, how obsessed with this show i am. its the only show i cant miss an episode of. Ive seen every episode of all 6 seasons. and two weeks ago when my dad was getting his surgery and i spent hours at the hospital i felt so smart because i knew so much about hospitals haha. my tio kept trying to explain all the machines and doctor talk going on around us and i said at least 10 times "i know... i watch greys anatomy" haha)

(hiking is my new obsession, especially on gloomy days)

(my little yl angels... :))

That's all for now kids.

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  1. Awesome Rikki! SOunds like a busy busy month!!!