Tuesday, September 14, 2010

priorities people, priorities.

I'm not good at prioritizing. Its a grown up thing and im a 21 year old who acts like shes 9. Prioritizing sucks cause it usually means passing up time with friends for homework. But today I realized that sometimes the priority isn't always the boring thing. Like this morning I could have really been writing a paper but instead I decided to spend two hours with God and a journal. And guess what? I think time with God is more important than a paper any day. And right now I should be sleeping or doing home work but I decided to write a blog post. Which some of you might think is just my way of trying to rationalize the fact that I am the biggest procrastinator in the history of the world but whatever. Writing on my blog lets me put my thoughts into words and helps me hear Gods voice in my life. And I pray that I never ever get to the point where I think that a silly little assignment is more important than the creator of the universe. Moving on...

Jesus, why are you so good to me? Tonight was our first YoungLife club of the semester and I almost want to cry tears of joy thinking about how amazing it was. So much energy, so many new faces, so much fist pumping... so incredible.

And the very best part of my night... watching the best junior leaders in the entire universe selflessly serve their peers. They fell in love with Jesus and now they want the same for their friends and they are just the cutest little things in the world handing out club cards, and picking up trash, and carrying a kiddie pool off the stage.

I am so blessed.:)

There are a million little things in my life right now that could play out in a million different ways and sometimes I go crazy trying to figure it all out. But my life is in his hands and he is in charge of those million little things and I JUST KNOW that he has amazing things in store for me.

aaaaaaaaannndddd yes i have classes ALL DAY tomorrow but if I can just get through this week its off to lost canyon for spouse quest... er... i mean leadership weekend 2010! yay!