Sunday, October 10, 2010


Last Tuesday I was in the biggest rain and hail storm ever which is not much considering I grew up in Arizona but still... it was intense. Baseball sized hail had destroyed cars, broke windows in the apartments and dorms at my school, took down trees, made all the fire alarms go off, and made my poor little campus look like a war zone. But when I woke up Wednesday and the rain was gone, I got really really sad. I would take my car all dented up over sun any day. Anyway I had to write about something that makes me happy in one of my classes. This is a little excerpt from it...

"Growing up in Arizona, you don't see much rain. When it does rain here, it is an event. I have always loved the rain more than anyone really should. We use sunshine and warm weather to represent happiness and rainy weather and clouds to represent sadness and gloominess. For me it has always been the opposite. On overcast days my heart has a big cheesy smile and I feel more alive than usual. Add rain and wind and my heart is literally dancing around in my chest. Some of my favorite memories were just ordinary days accompanied by rain. I think of dancing in the street with my sister, playing mud football with some friends, staying in the house all cuddled up in sweatpants and a cup of coffee watching chick flicks or reading a good book, driving to a bible study listening to Matt Wertz and drinking a peppermint mocha, and yes, even trying not to die as I run to class after the most ridiculous hail storm I had ever seen. I cannot explain the surge of happiness and sense of living I feel when it's raining. I have never felt closer to God then I do when I am standing in the rain taking it all in. Conclusion: I need to move to Seattle."

Dear rain, come back now pleeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeeee...

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