Sunday, November 7, 2010


We are 7 days into November! AHHHH!!! The most wonderful time of the year is here and if you see me during the next two months and I am even more giddy, and cheesy, and weird... just go with it. The Christmas music has already begun. So anyway heres a little look at my October...

The beginning of my month looked like this..... school.... younglife... school... younglife... school... younglife... yeah you get it... and then it was midterms... which I stressed a lot more for than I needed to... oh yeah and I got 100 percent on two of my tests and one of my presentations, take that college! The weekend after midterm week I took a much needed vacation to California with some of my favorite people.

We went to downtown disney and took pictures outside of california adventure but did not go inside. Ive never been that close to my favorite place in the world without actually going there. I almost cried.

Then we went to Universal Studios Horror Nights. I havent been to Universal Studios since I was like 5 so it was pretty fun. The mazes were pretty scary although the boys were waaaaay more scared then the girls. hahaha
Then it was Monday night and time to spend it the way I have for the last 7 years. Oh, YoungLife :)

One Friday, the GCU YL ambassadors and some of the student staff from around the state had our monthly meeting and this month it was held at the prayer garden in Scottsdale. It was such a blessing! Probably the highlight of my month. I have never ever in my life interacted with a real life sister, or nun or whatever you want to call them. And I never in my life thought that my first interaction would include laughs, hugs, singing, waving Jesus flags in the air, tears, joy... so much joy and a heart of mine so full of awe and thanks. They were so adorable. My favorite was this little German lady with a thick accent that had to be at least 70. I could listen to her talk about God all day. They kept telling us crazy college kids how proud and thankful they were for us and all we do with YoungLife. Proud of us? Thankful for us? These ladies are crazy in love with Jesus, they have dedicated their lives to him in ways that I couldnt even imagine. While sitting there singing with them and then getting to walk around the garden after I was so overwhelmed with emotions. It is still crazy to think this is my life. That at 21 my Friday afternoon is spent with nuns singing and laughing and not getting ready to go out to some club or party. I just look at who I was and who I am and know that Jesus is in love with me. I am so in love with my creator it is ridiculous but it is his affection towards me that has brought me to where I am. :)
Saturday the 30th was YoungLife's all Arizona 55 year celebration fundraising banquet. As I worked registration, sat with table guests, saw Jerry Colangelo (!!!!), and the President of YoungLife, Denny Rydberg (!!!), listened to JJ Heller sing, and stood on stage with the rest of the GCU YL ambassadors I had another "how is this my life?!" moment. Jesus is so real guys... and when you let him, he takes your life and turns it into the complete opposite of what your little high school self thought it was gonna look like. YoungLife, the ministry that has my heart (and all of my time) has been in Arizona for over 55 years! I had no idea just how big YoungLife was when I was forced to go to my first YoungLife club when I was 15. The opening ceremony for the banquet was so epic! haha I was in tears like a little nerd. They had a kid from each YoungLIfe, Wyldlife, YoungLives, Capernaum, and Collegelife club in Arizona represent their club. They all walked in with flags as the names of school flashed on the screen. Something that also just blew me away and reminded me again why I love this ministry so much was at the very beginning of the night while people were still registering. If you have never been to a YoungLife camp when kids first arrive they are greeted by the work crew cheering their little hearts out and giving away smiles and high fives like their life depended on it. Thats how heaven is going to look like when we arrive. All the angels hollering their heads off at our presence. so beautiful :) Anyway, that is how we greet crazy teenagers... but YoungLife is "so YoungLife" how do we greet old professional possible donors? In the same way having those crazy high schoolers form a tunnel and cheer, of course. :) Also, all of the GCU YL ambassadors are quickly becoming hands down my favorite people. Some of them ive known for years and some of them I am just getting to know. But we get to be guinea pigs of what is becoming a beautiful relationship between Grand Canyon University and YoungLife together, we get to be each others safe zone and accountability. We get to grow together. We get to worship God together. And we get to do it all while wearing spiffy purple polos. :)
Yay, Halloween!

Oh my gosh, I just love my friends!

Oh and I love the leadership team in the Southwest Valley. Every single one of them. The leaders, the new leaders, the junior leaders, the area director who was once my high school theater teacher/ reason I believe in Christ, the committee, the kids we build relationships with. So great! Oh and I especially like Edi for bringing some kind of snack to every single one of our meetings. :)