Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a happy new year...

We are already 12 days into the new year and I only had one resolution for this year:

Blog more.

I am not off to a very good start but I have hope for this year. And I dont really have time to do a legit post now because I am trying to finish up some homework and then go to the suns game tonight. :)

But I will say this... 2010 stretched me more than I thought possible. My God took all of my plans, and said "thanks but no thanks, this is where I am taking you next." And by July everything in my life was different then it had been in May. 2010 was the year that I truly feel I grew up. Yeah I am still that obnoxious little kid but I have seen so much maturity in my life and walk with Christ this year.

2011 the year where I take all the changes and new plans God has given me and act on them. The year where I embrace being a grown up. The year where I fall even more in love with my creator. The year that.... that... that... I dont know cause im not God, but that makes it even more exciting.

Oh and I turn 22 in 15 days. Im gonna stop being sad about growing up and be thankful that I get to live another year of this life with all of the best people ever.

Lets be thankful for all the moments that made 2010 a year to remember.... Lets get excited for all 2011 will bring. And lets celebrate the fact that our God is and will always be. :)

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  1. Little sister.. really cool that you're deciding to embrace growing up. I'm proud of you for doing the GCU thing and sticking with YL (Just talked to Anthony... Really stoked you guys get to work together).