Tuesday, August 2, 2011

the girl that disappeared all summer...

My last real post was March 14th... pathetic. I want to be a blogger! Like a legit blogger with super wordy inspirational thoughts and pictures of an exciting life. One day...

Anyway a lot has happened since March...

I got to help throw my best friend a beautiful bridal shower.

and a crazy fun bachlorette party...

and then got to be a part of the beautiful ceremony.
the reception was definitely a night to remember. so much fun!
God blessed me with another semester of leading YL.

And in April I went on a road trip with friends to San Diego. It was a beautiful couple days of lunch at sea port village, rainy nights in down town San Diego, volleyball on Coronado island, and ending it with a retreat at Oakbridge.
Before I knew it another semester of college was done. And my summer had officially started.
I started it off with hanging out with junior highers and a cowboy haha. This is my little sisters cheer competition.

Then it was "make Rikki feel super old" time and time to watch some of my beautiful high school girls a lot of whom I have known since they were freshman graduate.
I met her on that same field four years ago. :)

Julie, Chelsea, Krista, Krystal, Taylor, Angelica, Selina, Shirin, Tina, Britni, Lindsey, Ali, Leann and so many other girls that have been so much of a blessing to me than I could ever be to you... I am soooo proud of you all. You continually make me proud with your change the world, love filled hearts.

Then it was time for summer camp....

An amazing week with amazing kids. And I am so so so humbled and blessed by this ministry. Praise Jesus for the walls broken down, decisions to come home to the creator of the universe, laughs, tears, and adventure that took place that week.

Then I got to go back to Lost Canyon and live there for 3 weeks. Yay!

The ride up wasnt so fun haha... a little too crowded...

Celebrating 4th of July.
Best laughs and inside jokes ive ever had with these 4 girls...

My real life roomie. :)
Oh, how we miss this little girl!
I get to lead in the same area with these amazing people. Have I mentioned how blessed I am?!
I get to see you TOMORROW!!!!!!!!
Ended the session with a 4am hike to watch the sunrise with these amazing people. :)
You all have my heart for eternity.
Since I have been back my summer has been filled with a lot of work, a lot of sleeping...
A lot of food and trips to the movies with my siblings...
Friends. :)
Oh and hanging out with Justin Bieber... no big deal...

It has been a good summer. A summer of growth and God telling me its time to grow up. I am so ready for this next semester to start though and ready for fall and beautiful weather... Thats all for now, my loves.

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