Thursday, September 8, 2011


I have had the same major since I was like... 4.... honestly. I was the girl who came home from school and made my grandma play school with me. I would make lesson plans and decorate my 'classroom' and basically my family always expected that I would grow up and become a teacher. I started my first year of college as an elementary education major and then took a semester (that turned into 2 years) off. When I finally went back to school last year I was mad that I took so much time off. But looking back it was actually a good thing, a blessing even, that I took that much time off. If I didn't I would have graduated this May and started the process of becoming a teacher.

But about 10 months ago God started putting the idea of switching my major to Christian studies on my heart. I ignored it and told myself that it was smart and safe to continue my degree in education. But I just could not shake the thought of it. Selfishly I wanted to switch, knowing that while I am still in school it is something I would actually enjoy studying. But although I've dreamed and dreamed about having a career with purpose, a career where I get to travel the world, and love Gods people, and tell people that the creator of the universe is PASSIONATELY in love with them, I was just afraid to go through with it. I knew it was something my family would not understand, in their eyes you go to college to get a "successful" career where you can make lots of money. Finally, God started yelling so I would finally hear him and I knew I needed to change it. Despite all the advice I was given to just stay in education, despite people telling me to be practical, I made up my mind. So a week before classes started up again, I changed my major and all of my classes I was signed up for.

So far it has been amazing. And although most people switch majors like 5 times in their life, I never have and have always planned on having a career in education since I was little.

But I have so much peace about this. Soooo much peace. And no matter what choices I make and paths I go down, I know God will use it to bring him glory and that is really all I can ask for. Thats all for now. :)

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